Although the PI system has digital state tables where you can link various incoming state points / tags we have encountered an issue when creating new states that have many various "codes" in a big range.


You might encounter equipment that sends state values ranging from 1 to 7000 or more where not all numbers are in the sequence. You will recieve number 1 which you will translate into a meaning example "Motor ON" then for the next 100 entries you will have nothing. This would mean that you have to create rows of data having entries like ?2, ?3, ?4 and so on.. it becomes a time wasting task.  

Therefore we have created a small tool that will allow you to create the .csv file ready for importing into a state table, it creates all the required rows so you do not have to go thru that process manually. 


We have experienced equipment sending values above 33000, be aware that can't be nativelay handled as digital state in PI, you will have to use a work around. In case you need assitance for such cases please Contact Us!.


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