Although the OSISoft PI system has an extensive tag search that fits all possible search criteria, we have come across a specific search requirement in our work where we had to resort to PowerShell in order to retrieved the desired results. The standard search works fine if you are searching with one specific Tag / PI point name. In case where you require to preform an Advanced search for multiple PI Points or a list including several attributes you can use the Advanced PI Point search we have built.


Multiple SCADA vendors, multiple interfaces, multiple OPC servers and a variety of users all looking into different data sets. You might have a requirement where everyone is not allowed to see all the data for all PI Points or even the PI Points itself. In that case you would probably resort to Identities and map those identities to specific PI Points.  If you have a list of PI Point with wildcards and the requirement is to find out are those mapped to specific Identities with specific PointSource or more details. You would probably result in creating a PowerShell script that would do the job. But if the PowerShell is not allowed which is in some cases you will have to do alot of excel to get the information you need.

For those cases we have built an Advanced PI Point Search which will allow you to search PI Points or list of PI Points with or without wildcards and or additional PI Point attributes the PI System has. 


At the same time it will alow you to additionaly sort your result and add additional filters, it also provides export capabilities to .csv and .xls with will be ready for the PI Builder in case you wish edit the same. 

Please see the image above for details!


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